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About InnovAU

Welcome to my site regarding the invention, innovation, design, patent, and product development process!

I am going through two major 'invention-y' things at the moment, in addition to my own degree in Mechatronic Engineering:

1. I have been developing a few ideas that I may be able to patent, so have been going through the inventive processes behind this.

2. I am studying a Masters in Intellectual Property, to become a Patent Attorney.

This site will cover my discoveries and processes that I go through, in my path towards becoming a patent attorney and patenting my own inventions. I am hoping that I can inspire or help guide others to help promote innovation, and to help with people thinking going into patents and patent law.

Information about my current inventions will be pretty scarce, so that I don't create what constitutes as public disclosure.

What does InnovAU mean?

InnovAU is a bit of a mashup of a few different parts of my life.

(Innova) is short for innovation - which is what this website is all about!

(NOVA) is the name of a subject that I did when I was in High School. I went to a Creative Arts High School, so there was a special subject devoted to Creative Arts that was considered similar to an 'Elective' subject. The name NOVA has just stuck with me ever since, and I thought I would try to use it in my life somewhere! NOVA was translated roughly as 'New', taken from the word Innovation (see above).

is representative for Australia, which is where I was born, where I grew up, and where I currently live.

Cheers, and happy inventing!

InnovAU was created in 2016 by William Bond.
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