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It can be very tempting to wait for the optimum conditions to start an idea or project...
But this is not the best time to start!

Tomorrow Never Arrives

Is it tomorrow yet??
Think about this...
If you wait until the best conditions come around, you may be waiting forever, since you will constantly be thinking that there might be a 'better time' to start... This is similar to the idea where tomorrow will always remain a day away.. When it turns into today, it ceases to be tomorrow, so tomorrow becomes the next day!

Date Setting

Setting a day to do something can also be tricky...  If you set the day too far away, you are very unlikely to get to doing it until way too close to the actual date, meaning you won't be able to put into it what you could potentially put into it had you started sooner. The further away you make the date, the later it will be that you make a start...

Do It NOW!

The easiest way to make significant headway on anything is to stop the bull***t, and just DO IT NOW. Don't say tomorrow, don't say later, don't procrastinate, just get it done. Starting sooner rather than later means you will surprise yourself, and won't be able to make yourself second guess yourself or psych yourself out.

The first step is the hardest, but it is the most valuable! Without the first step, nothing gets done, nothing can happen.. So stop putting off that first step. Make the first step count, and make it become a first leap into your new life.

Don't say later, don't say tomorrow, don't hesitate! Make it happen, give yourself the kick in the butt you need, and get out there and achieve. The greatest adventure starts with a first step, so take that step now and get to it!


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