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Innovation for innovation spotlight - Drones

Drones are becoming massive at the moment - they are literally TAKING OFF

Becoming more affordable, more portable, and more uses are popping up for them.

Drones as an invention and innovation, have created innovation and have created so many possibilities for people!


Drones have been used in situations of necessity, such as:
  • Military - Drones can go where humans can't (or shouldn't).
  • Disaster monitoring
  • Search and rescue - find missing people!
  • Deployment of emergency supplies
  • Shark monitoring at beaches

Drones for Convenience
Drones are now moving beyond necessity, and more into the idea of convenience. Within business, this has been to use the concepts from the necessity situations, and apply them to the consumer market...

Where before, you would have to lug them around in a specialised case or backpack, and they would be heavy and not particularly easy to use, and limited in functionality – NOW, you can get them as small as the palm of your hand (WITH camera), or fit into your pocket, and the battery life, functionality, and operating distances have increased significantly!! You can even operate them just from your smartphone, and watch the camera footage directly through a VR headset for a first person ‘birds-eye’ view. 

Lifting capability

Drones delivering for Amazon (Amazon Prime Air – Currently in testing phases, though may be in action within the next couple of years! – USA and UK initially, soft targeted for ~2020).

Delivering pizza for dominoes in New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Japan, and Germany (with trials currently happening in New Zealand!!).

Australia Post is looking into drone delivery for small parcels and objects!

Filming capability

Drones have been equipped with powerful cameras which have enabled people to create amazing aerial footage - sweeping over scenery in a way we just couldn't before (without it being prohibitively expensive such as with a helicopter). You can get some spectacular footage from drones, AND you can get right up close to the target object!

Also can be used for selling a property - do a flyover of the house, to see it from all perspectives!

Another great use of drones is in extreme sports, with the ability to travel with the athlete, getting right in there with them and getting amazing footage.


Drones have advanced to a level where they can be used to enable so much more, and they are allowing people to be more innovative with processes that have usually required so much more time and money...

Where will drones take us next?
What is the next innovation that will allow for so much innovation?


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