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Do things differently, do things your OWN way, do things with passion.

Some Great Advice

Years ago, when I was at uni completing an internship, I was present when another worker was resigning. He had been at the company for several years, and had a good salary, and a good career if he were to stay. He had always taken pride in his work, but I could tell he was not happy being there. He had the cards stacked there, he could have stayed and fulfilled what society expects, but he decided to leave and take a leap at something new. He knew he may not get a job like this one, but he was just not happy where he was - there was no passion.
I asked him, before he headed off, about what advice he would give to me for my life and career. His advice has stuck with me ever since...
Think Outside the Box

Don't live someone else's life, make your life your own. There are so many moulds in society that we are expected fit into - find a good job, build up super, have a career, find a partner, have children, retire, live out your life, and pass on.

But what if you don't want to stick to this 'script'?
What happens if you aren't passionate about your job - the work hours, having a boss... Do something about it!
What if you don't want to have kids, or don't want to just aim for a comfortable retirement... You don't have to!

Break Free

Break yourself out of the cookie-cutter and start making your own life 'shapes'. Pre-set expectations from society, culture, religion etc. are great, and can work for many people, but they are not perfect, and in many cases are redundant, with older values that really should be updated! Don't be afraid to take a chance to make something new. By being unafraid of making something new, you are effectively evolving our civilization, by setting new standards and ideas.

Do Something

If you have a good job, but you are not passionate about it... DO something about it. Do something that will take you closer towards you being passionate. The ultimate aim should be happiness and enjoyment - so make all aspects of your life into things that you can be passionate about.
Maybe you need to start your own company, maybe you just need to change the height of your chair... It is all about perspective, and it is all relative. For some people, passion is something that is hard to find, and for others it can be quite easy to find, or they may already have passion about where they are in life.

Benefits of 'being different', and being passionate.

  • Greater ability to be more creative
  • You will enjoy all aspects of your life much more
  • You will put more INTO life
  • Greater earning capacity, as you are more enthusiastic
  • More drive and determination
  • More participation in extra-curricular activities and learning
  • You will get noticed more (in a GOOD way)
  • You may get promotions
Life is way too short to waste - it is there for YOU to decide what to do with it. 
Don't let someone else make your decisions for you - do it because YOU want to, and YOU are passionate about it.


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