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Creating something new doesn't always mean making something completely new.

The majority of things in life are innovative - variants or enhancements of something else, or putting multiple objects together!

Think of invention as the car, and innovation as the variants and developments of a car. Without innovation, we would not have taxis, Tesla's, Ice Cream vans...

Ahh, the humble Ice Cream Van... Brought me such joy when I was a kid!

You may decide to create a new variant on something, such as a new colour or new general design. For example you may decide to make a line of drink bottles in fluorescent pink - there is nothing particularly inventive about this, but it may be a new object on the market!

Putting two objects together is something that can work wonders for sales, and create entirely new industries. Take the smartphone for example! Back in the day, mobile phones used to be just for calling (and texting once that was integrated). Then someone decided to put a camera into the phone, and the camera-phone / smartphone market boomed! Now we would baulk at the idea of a phone without a camera, and the point and shoot / video camera market has dropped significantly (though I still love my DSLR).

Canon 650D, Hasn't let me down!
Or you can use an item for a different purpose than originally intended. You probably do this all the time!! Using a book to raise your computer screen, using a cup as a paper weight, eating dinner directly out of the saucepan, using a coat anger to hang you tablet from the bunk bed above you while staying at a hostel - all are new uses for old products...
Or like a friend of mine has done, put beer taps into the door of a fridge, and use the fridge as a 'keg cooler' so they have a dedicated bar-fridge for home!

The possibilities for inventing, innovating, and creating new products are limited only by your own imagination. 

Whether you innovate just different enough to be distinctive, or whether it is something radically new, anyone can create something new!


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