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How should you live your life? 

There are fundamental rules that govern how we live, and there are some we follow blindly without realising. Not all rules are required, and a significant amount of what we hold as 'normal' is outdated and counter-productive to becoming a successful person. If everyone did the exact same thing, there would be no creativity, no invention, no innovation, no art, nothing new. 

Let go of the bullshit rules that hold you back, and let go of what is supposed to happen. Let go of the norm and what should be, start looking at what could be.

Brules is a word that was popularised (if not created) by Vishen Lakhiani in his book - The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. It is a mix of two words which explain it's meaning... Bullshit Rules. This is the term used to describe rules that we take as common normal everyday processes, that are actually holding us back from achieving the most from ourselves. Brules can be small or large, they can be everywhere in society. Brene Brown describes these as the 'Supposed To...', in her books and her Audible audiobook 'The Power of Vulnurability'. Brown encourages us to let go of supposed to, so that we can stop holding ourselves back from becoming all that we can be.

Though letting go of brules is a good thing, and can drastically increase the happiness of your life and help you achieve your potential, it can also manifest itself into it's own brule when people enforce the letting go of brules in a particular area as a rule.

For example, I have heard several times that there is no need for an education for entrepreneurs - that you should not get a qualification because it is meaningless, and so many successful people did what they did without qualification... While it can be true for some people, it does not mean that not getting a qualification will help all people become successful. Do not blindly follow rules created by rule breakers, since it will not always be to your benefit. Do what feels right to you - if you feel that getting a degree will allow you to become closer to the life goals you want to achieve, then by all means get that degree! If you feel like creating a start-up instead of going to university works better for you, then by all means do it... Do not feel compelled to do something or not do something just because others say that is the only path to success, trust in yourself and let your heart guide you to the path that will make you happiest.

Not all shoes fit all people - you need to select a shoe based on your foot size!

There is no use in doing something that is making you unhappy - this will demoralise you, and you may actually end up giving up. Do what feels right to you, go down the path that feels the most efficient for your needs. You are awesome, make your life awesome.

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