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I have been creating my VLOG at for almost a month now - and over that time I have learned so much! 

As of today, I have created 10 YouTube videos, which is a massive milestone for me!

I decided upon the topic of my 10th video to be a thank you to those channels that I have seen to be most influential towards me creating my channel. Check out the below list to see those that gave me the kick to get this channel out of my mind and into the world!

Veritasium - Derek Muller

In particular, the video that Derek posted on 2Veritasium, called ‘How to Start a YouTube Channel’.

Veritasium gave me my initial inspiration to want to go ahead and make a YouTube channel, and although my first few attempts at making something regular were terrible, I think I have finally found something that I am happy to keep making! He also has plenty of amazing advice for creating YouTube videos in here such as:
  • Just start making YouTube channels! You’ve got to start somewhere, so begin now, regardless of whether it is good or bad.
  • Starting the video too early – don’t have too much preamble at the beginning! Get to the point. LEAD WITH AWESOME. 
  • The camera subtracts 20% of your enthusiasm. Speak animatedly like you would to a PERSON.
MKBHD - Marques Brownlee
You have amazing tech videos – and almost brought me to start my own tech vlog (which I tried a little bit, but I just didn’t resonate with being a product reviewer!). You make amazing videos that are very clean and very good looking, while keeping the formula very simple! You have been a channel that I have been watching for years, and I have so much trust in the tech reviews that you create!  You have been my YouTube staple for years – I haven’t missed a video since 2010!

Casey Neistat - Casey Neistat!
You gave me that final push. Seeing you with a DSLR making great vlogs every single day made me realise that I could use my DSLR (which had been sitting dormant for months), and could create and contribute. If you can do it every day, I can do it at least once a week.

I first watched your channel years ago watching Bike Lanes, not knowing who you were… Then recently I re-discovered you somehow, and was hooked on your vlogs – it came as quite a surprise to find out you made bike lanes!

You broke so many perceptions I had about creating good videos on YouTube - Your videos look beautiful, sound beautiful and have amazing content – and you make one every single day! This has made me realise that it does not take a mammoth effort to create a video, but that a video can be about nearly anything and still have meaningful messages, and can inspire and encourage people with the smallest of things. You don’t need a big budget, you don’t need a great camera, you don’t need a great microphone, or great lighting. As long as there is story, and that the presenter is passionate and enthusiaic about that story! To paraphrase… Story is king – everything else serves the king.

I want to say thank you. You gave me that last kick to stop putting it off, and to not be scared of making a VLOG and website!

Smarter Every Day - Destin Sandlin
You have amazing videos with such a positive vibe! I love learning from you, and seeing the sheer enthusiasm you put into everything!

Good Mythical Morning - Rhett and Link
You guys make making videos with awesome content look so easy! And you look like you have so much fun with it. I have been watching you guys regularly for about a year now, and had seen several videos here and there over the last few years – your videos are always engaging, and always have such a positive vibe about your videos. You make everything look fun, and were the channel that really got me looking at YouTube in a perspective of an entertainment and learning medium!

Makers Muse - Angus
You have the best 3D printing videos on YouTube by far – and you make 3D printing seem so awesome (as it should seem). Seeing a fellow Aussie creating such a great channel about 3d printing made me inspired to create something of my own, and I thank you for that.

DigitalRev TV - Kai and Lok
Helped me figure out my camera, understand lenses, and understand photography and filmography better!

Also I would like to send thanks to my University Mechatronic Lecturer - Dr. Nathan Kirchner.
Was an excellent lecturer at UTS that taught me all about the invention and innovation process, and helped me realise how much people waffle!

There are thousands of other channels I would like to give thanks to, but if I had to pick the main few channels (and people) that had influenced me to CREATE my YouTube channel, these would be them! Thank you to every YouTuber though, you are all amazing!

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