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Reverse your Gap

I have recently finished listening to (from Audible) The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, by Vishen Lakhiani (for the second time)!

One extremely insightful section that I thought stood out to me was his theory on reversing your gap - which is a way to increase your happiness in the now, and allows you to feel better about your work. By doing this, you can feel more confident in what you have done and where you are going, and it may even spur you on to work better and faster and more efficiently!

Reverse your Gap.
Most people, when they have a task or goal, will put blinkers on and will only focus on what is left to achieve. By doing this, you are resigning yourself to always feel like you are not enough, and that you haven't achieved anything yet. You will also be more likely to feel like you are unhappy with how you have been working on the task, which may even lead to you giving up on the task.

A quick 'mind-hack' to help change this around is to change your own perspective. Instead of looking at how much you have left to achieve, start looking at what you have already achieved, and how much progress you have made. In this way, you will be more likely to be proud of what you have achieved, and you will be able to put into perspective much better how far your goal actually is from being completed! You will be much less likely to give up if you look at what you have already achieved.

Looking back also allows you to be able to realise your learning much easier - it is easy to forget how much you have learned from your past when all you can see is how much there is left to learn... But look at how much you have already learned, and you will be able to appreciate it much better!

Stop looking at what you have left to achieve, and start looking at how far you have come.

Check out the video below for Vishen himself to explain it to you!

Lead an awesome life, and change your perspective to see things in a brighter light!

Grab a copy of the Code of the Extraordinary Mind from Audible or Amazon, and become your potential! Invent your world.

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