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Hardcore Inventing

Would you like to learn about the invention and innovation process, from beginning to end? 

This book - Hardcore Inventing: Invent, Protect, Promote, and Profit from Your Ideas, by Dr. Rob Yonover is an excellent book that covers every aspect of invention from creation to profit.

I have personally listened to this book on Audible about 5 times now (and just recently purchased the physical book too!), each time picking up something valuable that I try to incorporate into my invention process, or take on board into my life in general. His concepts are easy to understand, and easy to pick up - all you need to do is get out there and apply them (which is the hard part). This book has inspired me to get my own inventions developed and profitable, and was a big inspiration for me to create this website and YouTube channel.

See below Dr. Rob Yonover himself reading an excerpt from his book

This book outlines the IP 'cubed' method - Invent, Protect, Promote, Profit. Throughout this book, Dr. Yonover utilises experiences and learning from his own inventions, to guide you through every major step that will make your own inventions into a profitable reality.

He has the experience, and now you can learn from him! 

This book is also really easy to read - it lays everything out in simple and easy to understand chapters, with helpful diagrams. The first edition of the book sold so well, that the book is now in it's second edition, with even more helpful advice and stories. Get your copy from Amazon now!

Another thing that makes this book excellent is that it is available on is where I listened to this) - meaning you can learn the entire invention process while driving / cycling / running / etc..

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