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Try a new UX

A good website requires a good User Experience (UX), and up until now I hadn't really been paying attention to the UX of my website... 

Once I had a look with a critical eye, I found my website to not be as pleasing as I would have thought - and so I went about looking at how to update my UX.

Since I am currently using Blogger as my website building platform, I had a look into uploading templates that other people had created, to help get a distinct look and feel to the site, and to make it better responsive to users who would be visiting.

Right now I am testing out one template which I quite liked, and (after many teething issues) I think my site is looking much better for it! I even have a neat little loading page with my description of 'invention, innovation, design, patent, and product development' that creates a segue between pages - making the page seem to load much quicker.

To play around with templates, and adjust settings and links, you may need to be able to do basic HTML code. This is pretty easy to learn, and once you can see the world in HTML, it will make editing your templates so much easier. I originally learned HTML many years ago when I was in early High School using, though there are so many places you can learn from - you can Google HTML tips, or get a book (i.e. through Kobo or another digital book service), or take a class!

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