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Prototyping Tips - 3D printing to help develop your designs and inventions

When I got starting in 3D printing, I was absolutely terrible.

I made mistakes all over the place, used cheap filament which clogged my nozzles, didn't clean or use my printer correctly, and ran everything at completely the wrong speeds. I needed help!

3D Printing a Millennium FalconFlashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer

3D Printer clogged nozzle3D Printer internal machanism

I turned to YouTube to help me out, and after watching many boring or unhelpful channels, I found Maker's Muse, and Angus. His channel was informative, but also was relaxed enough to keep me engaged the whole time. He even went to the same university as me (UTS)!

The Makers Muse YoutTube channel ( provides reviews on 3D printers, filaments, shows how to print better, shows how to finish products better, and gives tips, tricks, and hacks to get your 3D prints looking great. He also provides startup videos and 101 type videos to get you started into 3D printing. This channel is by far the best 3D printing channel on YouTube, a great mix of informative but not too formal.

I also recently found out that he has a website ( that offers his services which include tuition, classes, professional development, printer setup help, printer servicing, printer trouble-shooting, demonstrations, and help in product selection.

Whatever you need to get you going with your 3D printing for your inventions, innovations, designs, product development, prototypes, or just for fun - have a look at Makers Muse. A very informative channel, and well worth subscribing to so you can keep up to date with each new video!

I am not in any way affiliated or endorsed by Makers Muse, I just wanted to share what I thought was a great YouTube channel! Awesome work Angus - keep the videos coming.

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