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Logo Creation

Considering that I have been building up this site, I decided yesterday that 
I needed a LOGO

I didn't want to invest loads of money or time into it just yet, since I really have no clue as to what I want... So I saw an ad for, and decided I would try it out.. Excellent idea!

I found a maker (thanks GIGBLAST, awesome work!), and purchased two logos, delivered within 24 hours. I wasn't expecting much, but I must say - I do think they look awesome! I was able to give some direction towards what I got via a bunch of questions that were asked after purchasing, and considering the parameters I set, I am very happy with what was returned.

After all, my LUNCH cost more than this!

So, if you need something small done, and don't want to invest loads of money or time into it yourself, have a look at What you need may be available there, and there are so many things there that I had never even thought of - such as there is a guy in India that creates a video for you for $5 where he swims in a river and 'finds' a bottle with a piece of paper in it, and on the piece of paper is your company name or logo, and he says it out loud! What?? (

Anywho, sounds like a bit of fun, and for $5, it isn't much to invest!

Here is another logo (in two colours) that was created for me.

(I like red / black / grey colour schemes)!

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